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Your Family Should Have a Dog?

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So against my better judgement, ignoring my vote, and otherwise negating my opinion, the Sydor family brought home a dog. In the last few weeks she has become an integral member of the tribe. Our schedules now revolve around feeding the dog, walking the dog, playing with the dog, and occasionally paying attention to other humans while the dog is otherwise occupied.


Patrice Viking Addams Sdyor (Age 12 Weeks)

Olympia (Age 17): “The shelter just posted photos of the new puppies that arrived. We’ve narrowed it down to these two. We all have to go there tonight for an interview.”
Dad: “We need to interview a puppy?”
Olympia: “No, we are to be interviewed. They don’t just give dogs to anyone who wants one. It’s a whole process.”
Dad: “I can’t go tonight. I’m working.”
Olympia: “We’re going to have to say you deployed overseas or deceased. The whole family is required to be there for the interview. We can’t say you went out for cigarettes and never came back. They’ll never give us a puppy if they think we’re a broken home.”
Dad: “Why don’t you just tell them I’m gainfully employed. Wouldn’t that be a selling point?”
Olympia: “I think we’re going to play the sympathy card.”


Patrice moving faster than camera shutter speed.




Author: Kire

Father, husband, superhero, fabulist; who disguised as Kire Sdyor, mild mannered blogger, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American Way.

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